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“In the world of business, the people who are most successful are those who are doing what they love.” - Warren Buffet

Our subsidiary, 420 College has been busy working with local jurisdictions to help our clients start their own cannabis businesses. We now have seven Cultivation/Dispensary/Delivery projects funded and in various stages of development.

  • First Dispensary in the City of Fresno, California 
  • Dispensary w/delivery in Firebaugh
  • Type 6 Manufacturing Operation in Firebaugh
  • Distribution Operation in Firebaugh
  • CBD & Distribution Warehouse in Fresno
  • CBD & Hemp Distribution Warehouse in Los Angeles
  • Cannabis CBD & THC expos & events in California & beyond
  • CBD, THC & Hemp Brand Development & Distribution 
We are now seeking financial partners to help us open new locations in
California during 2020:
  • Distribution Operation in Central California; 
  • Central Valley Cannabis Festival 2020; 
  • Firebaugh Cannabis complex development;
  • Brand Creation & Distribution
  • Fresno Dispensary buildout
  • CBD & Hemp Warehouses
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